A. M. Rosenthal Quotes

When something important is going on, silence is a lie.

A M Rosenthal

Silence is a lie. Silence has a loud voice. It shouts, “Nothing important is happening – don’t worry.” So when something important IS going on, silence is a lie.”

OK, the rule is, you can [make love to] an elephant if you want to, but if you do you can’t cover the circus.

If you don’t have a sensation of apprehension when you set out to find a story and a swagger when you sit down to write it, you are in the wrong business.

Be fanatics. When it comes to being and doing and dreaming the best, be maniacs.

The very best kind of Saddam Hussein is the very dead kind.

But it became clear as time went on that in Mr. Bush’s mind the New World Order was founded on a convergence of goals and interests between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, so strong and permanent that they would work as a team through the U.N. Security Council.