Babatunde Fashola Quotes

The concept of loyalty is a very strange concept. When loyalty is to be tested, the real answer is that may it never be.

There are times we spent money when we shouldn’t, the choices we make define the results we get

who want to benefit from the commonwealth must contribute to the common purse.

The unfortunate thing about money is that it always raises suspicion even amongst brothers.

Actions must have consequences.

As governor of Lagos, I never signed a cheque and never fixed contract prices.

We should have a debt that grows our productivity, we cant borrow to pay salaries. I can borrow to build power plants.

The economy needs a stimulus. We MUST borrow. The notion of debt as a sin or something evil should be reviewed.

The abuse of political power is not as important as the loss of lives. Plus there is a process for curing the abuse of institutions.

My knowledge of Abuja is not as deep as my knowledge of Lagos.

Well, by all means please let’s decentralize policing.

For every citizen that was robbed, I had failed.

My recommendation is a compelling urgency for decentralisation. There is a necessity to decentralise the Police. We are under policed.

Every state need not start with state policing if they can’t fund it.