Baden Powell de Aquino Quotes

The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others.

A fisherman does not bait his hook with food he likes. He uses food the fish likes. So with boys.

Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.

The Good Turn will educate the boy out of the groove of selfishness.

We must change boys from a ‘what can I get’ to a ‘what can I give’ attitude.

The most important object in Boy Scout training is to educate, not instruct.

It’s the spirit within, not the veneer without, that makes a man.

A boy is not a sitting-down animal.

Where is there a boy to whom the call of the wild and the open road does not appeal?

Scoutmasters deal with the individual boy rather than with the mass.

The Scoutmaster guides the boy in the spirit of an older brother.

Scoutmasters need the capacity to enjoy the out-of-doors.

Scouting is a man’s job cut down to a boy’s size.

Teach Scouts not how to get a living, but how to live.

You can only get discipline in the mass by discipline in the individual.


A boy can see the smoke rising from Sioux villages under the shadow of the Albert memorial.

A boy is supremely confident of his own power, and dislikes being treated as a child.

Fun, fighting, and feeding! These are the three indispensable elements of the boy’s world.

The Scout Oath and Law are our binding disciplinary force.

Vigorous Scout games are the best form of physical education because most of them bring in moral education.

The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light.

The Scoutmaster must be alert to check badge hunting as compared to badge earning.

It is only when you know a boy’s environment that you can know what influences to bring to bear.

It is important to arrange games and competition so that all Scouts of the troop take part.

We are not a club or a Sunday school class, but a school of the woods.