Balthazar Getty Quotes

Even the great bad guys in cinema history, they’re likable.

When you go in and do a cool, small character, it feels less like work and more like fun.

I have a habit of recording records very quickly – and not in a haphazardly way, not in a way where I’m not focused on details, because I’m a freak when it comes to that.

I like to challenge myself and give myself a timeline. It pushes me to be more creative and actually do these things, not just dream about them.

we live; we feel; we hurt. the world makes no exceptions.

I had a very modest upbringing.

Life started getting good when I started making money.

I’ve been producing records, and as early as my late teens, early 20s, I put out a hip-hop record and then the Ringside stuff. You know, I just feel like I want to spend these years realizing all of my ambitions. I feel like we live in an age in which you can chase your dreams with focus and a vision.

Years later, you can hear a song, and it brings you back right to that moment, what was happening at that time, whether it was a relationship or a difficult time, or maybe a great time in your life, and you had that album you were listening to. Twenty years later, you can put on that song you fell in love to or your heart was broken to, and you hear that song and it brings you right back there. I think music is the most powerful tool we have.

It’s not easy starting a label and putting out your own records. It’s required me at times to humble myself and really push and work hard to try to give this the best shot. I really want to share this with the world.

Hearing the record and seeing the response is affirming that it was the right time and right choice.

Because I’m such a studio guy, I really trust my process. I really believe in myself in the studio.

My tendency is to be the guy in the back, even though I often end up being the guy in the front.

It’s been such a group effort. When you’re a new band and you have limited resources, you end up getting people that are there because they love what you do, and that’s great.

But I’ve consistently worked for 10 years.

Even in my darkest times I knew I had a good future ahead of me.

I didn’t do the typical things that young kids do.

I think some people are on a mission to die, and I never was.

I wanted to be a professional baseball player.

I wasn’t ever good enough to be on the baseball team and that sort of stuff.

My mom just understands about stuff. We have a really good trust, and she knows I can take care of myself.

Nobody believes it, but I slept on a futon till I was 13.

My theory is, independent movies only work if you’re willing to push the material and do something different.

My parents were hippies.