Bruce Springsteen Quotes

We struggled together, and sometimes, we struggled with one another… We took care of one another… In the end, we kept faith in each other.

It’s not the time in your life, it’s the life in your time.

Talk about a dream, try to make it real.

Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny.

The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence.

You can’t start a fire without a spark

All people have is hope. That’s what brings the next day and whatever that day may bring… A hope grounded in the real world of living, friendship, work, family…

Nobody wins unless everybody wins.

A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be.

Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night.

At the end of every hard day, people find some reason to believe.

The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.

Someday girl, I don’t know when, were gonna get to the place where we really want to go, and we’ll walk in the sun. But til then, tramps like us, baby, we were born to run.

The future is now. Roll up your sleeves and let your passion flow. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting.

I’m ready to grow young again

Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair. The night’s busted open. These two lanes will take us anywhere.

You’ve got to learn to live with what you can’t rise above.

When they built you brother they broke the mold.

Adult life is dealing with an enormous amount of questions that don’t have answers.

It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.

Success makes life easier. It doesn’t make living easier.

When it comes to luck, you make your own.

Two hearts are better than one.

Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king, and a king ain’t satisfied until he rules everything.

Gonna be a twister to blow everything down That ain’t got the faith to stand its ground Blow away the dreams that tear you apart Blow away the dreams that break your heart Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted.