D-Pryde Quotes

You have to go through ups and downs. Mistakes turn into lessons.

I love the rowdiness, I love how crazy it is during the day. There’s a business about it that’s great. There’s never a dull moment, so it really inspires the music I write.

I don’t drink at all. I don’t condone any of that. And I’m also underage so everything I do is of course under a microscope because a lot of people are onto me growing up. But I won’t mess up. I have a lot of good people around me.

Talent isn’t really enough to make it in any world. If you’re trying to be a superstar, or at the highest rate of fame, you have to have personality too. You have to be a well-rounded person. It takes way more than talent nowadays.

Value everyone you know they might be gone tomorrow

You’re always going to miss your daily eating spots, your daily hangouts with your friends, family. I miss my family like crazy, all the time.

Who doesn’t like money? I love money. Why not. My subject matter will change when I get to that point.

D Pryde

How do I stay confident? I just look at my accomplishments that I’ve made so far. It’s a very conceited thing to say, of course, but I just look at everything I’ve done and all the fans that write letters to me. Sometimes I even look at the good YouTube comments and really pay attentions to them. I’ve inspired a lot of kids, and it’s not every day you get to hear about that when you have this kind of career.

A lot of people want to keep me off my feet. I say a lot of things that are on my mind; I’m a very honest person. On top of that I’m a weird figure for hip-hop: this person who doesn’t drink, smoke or do any of those weird things.

I used to prefer rapping over singing, but now I’m a little 50/50 about it. I like doing both, a lot – equally.

D Pryde

I would like to meet with Drake. I would love to meet him. He’s from the city I’m from. I feel we share the same interests and I’m really just into his music and him as a person in general. He’s great at what he does. I would want to meet Eminem. He was my first ever influence. The reason why I even started writing was because my mom bought me my first Eminem CD and I was glued from there.

When I was five, all I wanted to be was a superstar. Not even lying to you. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I wanted to be famous.

I have nothing against alсoнol, there is nothing I can do to tell people not to do it. I don’t tell people not to, I just tell people to be wise about it. If you want to do it go ahead, if you don’t go ahead. Nothing makes you cooler, nothing makes you lamer. You’re just a normal person if you don’t want to do it.

Money is important in the rap industry because you’re always rapping to be bigger than the other person – bigger than who you’re rapping to. A lot of my music is really, really, really humbled down. I don’t have as much money as the average rapper, but I’m still good.

People thought I was a really raw rapper that hated everything – a really sour person – but really I’m just a good, all-around music-making kid and I’m really happy. That really, I feel, painted my image to a lot of people. My music now, some people get sour over it because it’s really happy, it’s poppy, but I’m just telling them that that image from way back then was me feeling uncomfortable and now I’m comfortable.

The point of my music? The point I just want to get across is I’m me and I exist. Just letting people know who I am. Ever since I was young, I was the little attention grabber; I always loved attention. I want to grab people’s attention. I want them listen to me and know that this is really good music. Whether they like it or not, they’re gonna listen.