Dabo Swinney Quotes

To be an overachiever you have to be an over believer.

Whatever results you get, learn and grow from it and move on to the next one.

I think teams win. I don’t think offense wins. I don’t think defense wins. I don’t think special teams – teams win.

You can’t be afraid to play. Commit to play and you live with the results.

Sometimes you just have things within your team that you have to address, and I think you have to protect your culture a little bit. And sometimes it’s sitting a guy down and that’s just the way it will always be.

The media wants a nice guy, so I can give that to them. I figured I could be myself in this interview since no one’s gonna read this JV newspaper.

I think continuity is a good thing. But change is sometimes good, too.

Every game is huge and every game will count when it’s all said and done.

You know how ESPN works; they’ll throw themselves into a frenzy over Tebow’s white bread lame ass niceness and then vilify Johnny Football just ’cause he rages now and then.

The opener is always very difficult every single year. It Really doesn’t matter whom you play. The opener is difficult because you’ve got more time to prepare for one game than you do any game the rest of the year because you’ve got all spring, all summer to prepare for this opponent.

You have strengths within your team every single year and sometimes they stay the same, sometimes they change.

Play within the system. Be a decision maker.

You can only get so far from an evaluation standpoint in practice, and you know, at some point, you’ve got to go play and kind of take that next step in the evaluation of just where you are and then grow and make adjustments as you go throughout the year.

It takes a lot to be Dabo Swinney, and not everyone can live this lifestyle. But, boy is it fun.

All we can do is evaluate what we see in practice.

I love the Bowl system. I’ve always been a proponent of the Bowl system. I think it’s been great for college football, for this level.

Every game is critical.

Any time you have coaching changes and things like that, you go and study everything.