E.D. Baker Quotes

Look at me! I’m big! I’m strong! I’m a superior example of froghood and capable of protecting us both!

The spell was simple and I’d said half of it before she even figured out that it was a spell. Since you like bubbles so, In a bubble you must go. In that bubble you will stay Till your bubbles go away. Sound can’t pass from inside out Even if you scream or shout. If you want to be set free, End your spell, that’s the key

She was suddenly aware of him in a way she hadn’t been before. Hayward was good-looking in a sweet and wholesome way.

Unfortunately being born princess doesn’t autimatically make a girl graceful or confident, a fact I’ve lamented for most of my fourteen years

Without my protectionm your journey is doomed before you begin.’ Great! I thought. Even the snake is a critic!

I’d always wanted to believe that my ancestors were better people than they probably were. – Princess Emma

Your father is the first person to tell me that I am lovely who seemed to mean it. The only people who’ve told me that before were ones who think they’re supposed to flatter a princess’ ‘I think you’re lovely,’ murmured Eadric. ‘Only because you love me,’ I said. ‘Hmm,’ he said, kissing me before I could say anything else.

Love doesn’t work that way. You don’t meet one day and kiss and see sparkles the next. Real love takes time. They need to get to know each other, and when they do, then they might fall in love. They know next to nothing about each other now.

Men are apt to overvalue the tongues, and to think they have made considerable progress in learning when they have once overcome these; yet in reality there is no internal worth in them, and men may understand a thousand languages without being the wiser.