E.J. Bonilla Quotes

For a long time I didn’t know what I wanted or what I loved to do. Friends had that blessing and I remember thinking when I would have my turn. Then, in 9th Grade I sort of fell into playing Danny Zuko randomly in that years GREASE themed portion of the dance show. The moment I hit the stage I think something in me knew. Even in rehearsals. I’d fallen in Love.

For a while I felt like I spoke a different language than my immediate family. It wasn’t until my teens that I met and got to know better members of my extended family (my cousin Alma in particular) that self- identified as artists. Something in us clicked together; in the way we thought, in the language we chose to use, in what we enjoyed. She helped me see and appreciate a lot both about myself and my loved ones.

And when I look back I recognize now that I indeed do come from a large family of artists. Whether they necessarily realize it or not.

There are all very different directors. Some are more specific, some are calmer than others when the pressure is on, some use more colorful language and they all communicate differently. But they all have love and care in common. They are all artists. And they have voices that I believe shine through within their films. To add to that, as a director myself I have learned so much from all three. I would like to thank them for that.

I love telling truthful honest stories. I suppose I’d love the opportunity to be a superhero within a realistic dramatic piece. It would have opportunity for humor too of course. And ideally I would be the writer/director? (Though I suppose if I was, it is POSSIBLE I would give myself a meaty but smaller part so I could focus on the latter of my duties… Maybe).

My co-star would be… One of my actual best friends. I am blessed to have so many beautiful talented people around me, I would like them all in my film please!!!