Faith Hunter Quotes

Admitting that Katie had taken too much blood was on par with saying an adult human had pooped their pants or eaten their own boogers!

You don’t have to shout from the mountaintops. Sometimes power comes in a soft, calm, compassionate way, like a quiet warrior.

Walk softly and carry a big stick. Or stomp loudly and carry enough firepower to start a small war. Whatever worked


Vamps who are dying, or think they are, give a piercing, eardrum-bursting shriek, like the love child of a screech owl and a mountain lion on crystal meth, amplified like a seventies rock band.

My yoga practice was and will always be a spiritual experience. I can honestly say, “Yoga delivered me back to GOD!”

Chicken, yeah, that’s me. I’d rather fight an old rogue-vamp in my underwear, with my bare hands, than deal with relationship problems.

Alarm stole over me on little kitten feet.

You gonna put on your big-girl panties and fight with the boys, now?” He looked over his shoulder as if he expected me to blush or something. “Who says I wear panties?” I was certain that he flushed red this time. Laughing, I left him shaking his head and went on inside to find the Kid. We had work to do.

But nothing in life was set in stone and nothing in life is promised us. Not happiness, not joy, not love. Everything was variable and mutable and inconstant.

I figured even the most jaded and cynical inhabitant might report a bloody girl in a party dress carrying a severed head by its hair.

It looked to me like a vamp version of a pissing contest. Men will be boys.

Beast had once informed me that humans were hunters only by luck and because they had opposable thumbs.

Back to work. If I’m [writing] I’m not thinking about the crazy.

Really sucked the red off of all my candy.