Famke Janssen Quotes

I’m intrigued by the dark. Out of darkness comes creation.

I’m a firm believer in taking risks in life, because you’ll never get anywhere unless you do, and the more risk involved the greater the outcome – or the worse, but you never know so you’ve got to go for it.

I love stories about two people who are doing illegal things, who we really enjoy watching despite the fact that we know they are doomed in some way.

I keep pushing buttons and trying to grow as a person and as a filmmaker.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

I seem to have been cast several several times to do it. I think in this one, Phoenix is not purely evil. She was in the comic books at some point but the way the writers created her or we always talked about her, was that she was torn with her powers taking over and trying to control them at the same time. It was challenging to play which made it interesting for me to play this character.

I always feel like I want to do my career my own way. I never follow anybody’s path, what they’ve done.

I’m very grateful for work especially in film industry. It’s highly competitive and there are a lot of people standing behind me jumping at the opportunity to only do one thing, like one movie or one TV show or one episode.

I’m trying to fight typecasting as hard as I can, while I have time.

I enrolled in an acting workshop and my first acting role was on the TV soap opera ‘Melrose Place.’

My French is still good. That’s a beautiful language and I’m happy to speak it.

I’m honestly so incredibly grateful for every opportunity I get in film industry. Don’t forget! I was born in a tiny little country in a small town and here I am working in Canada and America and it’s incredible.

Nobody sets out to make a bad film.

I love scary movies. The Shining and Don’t Look Now are two of the best.

I know Dark Phoenix is a huge part of the X-Men saga, so I’m assuming they’re at least going to want to touch on it, but I don’t know and I don’t know whether I would want to be involved. That depends on many different things.

I think every movie is its own little world, and a director certainly sets the tone.

I try not to have high expectations of people because it just sets you up for disappointment, but it’s great to work with actors who are that talented and accomplished.

I started as a model in Holland and Chanel took me to New York when I was 19, after which I decided to stay.

I love the first two X-Men movies because I thought that Bryan Singer did such a great job. He elevated that whole genre. He’s a very talented director.

As a European I had fit in almost seamlessly in New York for the last 25 years, but in Oklahoma I stood out like a sore thumb.

I personally like to do independent films.

I like the work that I get to do.

I live in New York. I don’t really particularly want to move to LA.

I think there’s a big misconception out there about actors and the choices they have.

Robert De Niro… It seemed like a pretty cool thing to do to put his name on my resume next.