G. Campbell Morgan Quotes

What we do in the crisis always depends on whether we see the difficulties in the light of God, or God in the shadow of the difficulties.

The reason why men do not look to the Church today is that she has destroyed her own influence by compromise.

The supreme need in every hour of difficulty and distress is for a fresh vision of God. Seeing Him, all else takes on proper perspective and proportion.

Waiting for God is not laziness. Waiting for God is not the abandonment of effort. Waiting for God means, first, activity under command; second, readiness for any new command that may come; third, the ability to do nothing until the command is given.

The Church did the most when the Church was the least like the world.

When amusement is necessary to get people to listen to the gospel there will be failure. This is not the method of Christ. To form an organization and provide all kinds of entertainment for young people, in order that they may come to the Bible classes, is to be foredoomed to failure.

There is something infinitely better than doing a great thing for
God, and the infinitely better thing is to be where God wants us to
be, to do what God wants us to do, and to have no will apart from

If you have no opposition in the place you serve, you’re serving in the wrong place.

God has foreordained the works to which He has called you. He has been ahead of you preparing the place to which you are coming and manipulating all the resources of the universe in order that the work you do may be a part of His whole great and gracious work.

Holiness is not freedom from temptation, but power to overcome temptation.

We cannot organize revival, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from Heaven when God chooses to blow upon His people once again

The man who preaches the cross must be a crucified man.

The three essentials for great preaching are: truth, clarity, and passion.

Prayer is life passionately wanting, wishing, desiring God’s triumph. Prayer is life striving, toiling everywhere and everywhen for that ultimate victory.

The Jesus that men want to see is not the Jesus they really need to see.

Ah, I have kept Him waiting when I ought not, but He has waited even then. Always waiting – so patient with my foolishness, my weakness, my fear. Our fellowship is with God, and fellowship is friendship, and friendship means that partnership which, on His part, is the accommodating of His strength to my weakness.

The supreme thing is worship. The attitude of worship is the attitude of a subject bent before the King… The fundamental thought is that of prostration, of bowing down.

Organized Christianity that fails to make a disturbance is dead.

How would you like to live with somebody who was everlastingly grieving your heart by his conduct?

Nothing is more needed among preachers today than that we should have the courage to shake ourselves free from the thousand and one trivialities in which we are asked to waste our time and strength, and resolutely return to the apostolic ideal which made necessary the office of the diaconate. We must resolve that we will continue stedfastly in prayer, and in the ministry of the Word.

A man’s concept of God creates his attitude towards the hour in which he lives.

The world hates Christian people if they can see God in them.

The year is made up of minutes. Let these be watched as having been dedicated to God. It is in the sanctification of the small that hallowing of the large is secure.

The whole life story of Jesus, on the human side, is the life story of One who lived by faith.

The prayer life does not consist of perpetual repetition of petitions. The prayer life consists of life that is always upward and onward and Godward