Gabrielle Roy Quotes

The more the heart is nourished with happiness, the more it is insatiable.

Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?

Ideas often last but a day; feelings, dreams almost forever.

The life of a writer is tragic: the more we advance, the farther there is to go and the more there is to say, the less time there is to say it.

poverty is like a pain, dormant and unbearable as long as you don’t move about too much. You grow used to it, you end up by paying no attention to it. But once you presume to bring it out in the daylight, it becomes terrifying, you see it at last in all its squalor and you shrink from exposing it to the sun.

One knows less about one’s own destiny than about anything else on earth.

The main engagement of the writer is towards truthfulness; therefore he must keep his mind and his judgment free.

My great hope would be that Quebec would realize itself fully as a distinct part of Canada, and stay Canadian, bringing to Canada a part of its richness.

Of all things that can happen to us, triumph is the most difficult to endure when we are alone. Deprived of witnesses, it shrinks at once.

Curiosity ran unchecked through him, like the wind outside through the deserted streets, along the canal, around the little wooden houses, everywhere, as far as the mountain.

I felt the vulnerability, the fragility of the children of the world, and how it was, nonetheless, on their frail shoulders that we loaded the weight of our weary hopes and eternal new beginnings.

it’s a funny life. Either you don’t make a red cent and you have all the time in the world, or else you get double the money and you don’t have a moment to spend a penny of it.

Every life is a tragedy, but far more the writer’s life, because the more he has to see, the more deeply he understands and feels about life, the less time he has to put it down.