Haider Ackermann Quotes

A woman’s manly side is what’s sexy–a woman standing strongly, fighting to be desired.

Clothes should never be decoration….whe n someone feels at peace with the clothes, they feel more seductive, more desirable, more sensual, more everything.

Never stop challenging yourself! Never loose enthusiasm!

I think that’s a luxury – to have a nomadic life and to be a kind of bohemian. You feel totally free and you can adapt yourself very easily. But at the same time you can totally lose balance, because you don’t know where you belong anymore.

In the past, you would take the time to write a love letter and you would think about what you wanted to say and compose it in a certain way. Now, everything is so short. It has to be, because it is rushed, and therefore, in a way, it loses a little bit of its importance. But I think it is very important to take the time to say what you want to say.

Today, everybody is always rushing. Designers have to make collections one after the other. Actresses have to make movies one after the other. They have to do all that in order to still be there – to still be out there. So to step away and be absent and to lose yourself completely and to really come back and find yourself again – that’s something quite rare.

It’s nice to live through a good moment and be able to share it with someone else. Otherwise, what sense would it have? Selfishly, it doesn’t give you that much.

I have a feeling that I’ll only have a home when I put a flag in my house with the person I’m going to be with. That’s going to be my home. So I only see home in that sense. It’s where love is going to lead me. It can be anywhere, basically, as long as you are with the person you want to be with, so you can build something together.

There is something very unstabilizing about not knowing where you’re coming from or where you’re going. There’s something very romantic about it, because you have this search for the unknown. But at the same time, some¬≠times I’m like, “God, if I were to die tomorrow, where would I like to be buried?” I wouldn’t know. That’s kind of a heavy thought, but it’s a fact. You don’t know any¬≠more where you belong.

I really like to take the time to build things slowly and surely – to get more grounded. But it never felt for certain, like, “One day people will listen to me!” It was more like, “Perhaps I’ve got something to say.” So it feels fantastic. It’s good to take the time to think, to find, to search.