Iain Dowie Quotes

It’s now much more 50-50 in favour of Everton.

Andy Johnson is quick, brave and strong and he will get goals.

I think he likes it. He fits in with our ethos. He’s a good worker and is an excellent pro. Thank goodness he likes his training or else he wouldn’t settle here.

I’m not jumping on the Andy Johnson for England bandwagon – I’m driving it!

There are some real positives for Wales. Their back four’s not bad, sometimes.

I monitor the food my players eat on a Friday night. It’s no good if they’ve had two vindaloos and a kebab.

I thought a bit of poetry might be interesting – I even write a few lines myself. I composed a short poem for my mum’s 70th birthday recently. When I recited it I saw the glint of a tear in her eye…although I guess it wasn’t the quality of the poetry was that making her cry!

I did enough algebra when I was at university, so I am sick and tired of that.

That was totally against the runaway