Ian Dunbar Quotes

I could speak to you and say, ‘Laytay-chai, paisey, paisey.’ … Why aren’t you responding? Oh, you don’t speak Swahili. Well, I’ve got news for you. The dog doesn’t speak English, or American, or Spanish, or French.

Learning from wolves to interact with pet dogs makes about as much sense as, ‘I want to improve my parenting – let’s see how the chimps do it!’

When I’m training a dog, I develop a relationship with that dog. He’s my buddy, and I want to make training fun.

Training a dog, to me, is on a par with learning to dance with my wife or teaching my son to ski. These are fun things we do together. If anyone even talks about dominating the dog or hurting him or fighting him or punishing him, don’t go there.

Training a puppy is like raising a child. Every single interaction is a training opportunity.

You can instill fear in your kids and get them to mind, but they won’t function better in the world and your relationship will suffer greatly.

With every animal, you have to build its confidence around people because people do some crazy and stupid things

Rambunctious and delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting.

You don’t train a dog in a training hall, jerking his neck or even giving him food treats. You train him using life rewards.

All training is negotiation, whether you’re training dogs or spouses

One of the quickest ways to a cat’s brain is through its stomach.