Ian Gardner Quotes

In the spiritual search doubt is beneficial, a closed mind is not. Doubt used wisely assists enlightenment; a closed mind assists ignorance.

If we cut open the bud of a beautiful rose in order to see how it is ‘packed’ and what it is going to look like, what sort of a bloom will we get?

The mind is acquired “human nature”. The conscience is inherent “spiritual nature”.

As the mind shrinks at the will of the initiate, thought flows in to fill the spaces so created.

To have knowledge and to know are two different things, and one is possible without the other.

There are no successes and failures in life, only achievements – stepping stones.

Mind is the Soul speaking and Conscience is the Spirit speaking.

It is beneficial to forgive but better not to condemn in the first place.

Far superior to the pleasures and rewards of the illusion that is Earthly life are the pleasure and rewards of the Reality.

Don’t give – give up!

While you live your life aboard the ship of life be aware of the sea of life on which it floats and on which it moves forward; be aware of the prevailing winds and currents that influence your progress as the master of the ship.

There is the joy that is one’s state of the being and there is the joy that is one’s state of mind. The first is permanent and the second is impermanent.

Enjoy the necessities of life but eschew the excesses.

My Body, My Soul and I.

My body is mine, but my body is not me,
My body is an expression of my soul.
My soul is mine, but my soul is not me,
My soul is an expression of me –
for I am.


The world is your oyster. Yes, but in that oyster is the pearl; and to get to the pearl one has to first discard the shell and the flesh.

We are all Spirit experiencing a process set up to facilitate its (each Spirit’s) understanding of its true identity and, through that understanding, to revert to its pristine state.

The purpose of human life is the dissolution of the soul and the revelation of the Spirit.

That we do not comprehend or accept something does not invalidate its truth.