Ian K. Smith Quotes

The happiest people are fearless dreamers. They use their imaginations to create hope and possibility.

The happiest people are those with the fewest regrets. It is not because they have succeeded in everything they’ve tried; rather, they’re happier because they at least put forth the effort – win or lose -and tried to make their thoughts and dreams a reality.

The critical part with meal spacing is that you stabilize your hormones so that you do not have those spikes in insulin that occur when you eat large meals.

Having money might not buy happiness, but how you spend it could actually make a difference.

Pleasure does not equal happiness; it’s part of happiness.

I dont make resolutions, because resolutions seem so ephemeral and transient to go away.

Imagine a master painting that’s never finished…when you can only build on previous work, you become limited by what you can paint…If you are in the midst of painting a forest full of tall tress and hanging vines, it is rather difficult to wake up the next day and suddenly turn that paining into the beach and ocean…We have to treat each day like a black canvas on which we can paint. Yesterday might have been paining flowers, but today you can paint cars or horses. A new day represents a chance for renewal.

Those who achieve happiness understand the basic fact that regardless of how much fun you’re having or how many things you accomplish, life through the lens of history is incredibly short.

I think happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement and meaningfulness.

Taking a digital holiday is a great way to start bringing balance back into your life.