Ian McDiarmid Quotes

I’ve been trying to find a redeeming feature to Palpatine, and the only one I’ve got so far is that he’s clearly a patron of the arts because he goes to the opera.

I think the greatest thing about being an actor is that you can become other people. … You have the opportunity to explore … alternative ways of living for a brief time.

At least Satan fell; he has a history, and it’s one of revenge.

If you’re any kind of artist, you’ve got to … keep opening yourself to new possibilities.

Serious work gets done … in congenial surroundings, which tend to make you laugh.

To start your life as a character of 120 years when you are in your late thirties, and then go back in time about 20 years later to play the same character who is your own age then, its very complicated, but very interesting.

There were a number of people who helped me get there, and the one I always mention is Michael Byrne, the great master swordsman and brilliant stunt double.

I suppose it’s easy to play a hypocritical politician with a smiling face; it’s also quite gratifying to play.

Consistency is very important when you’re making films.

Im the blackest villain of all time.

When George asked me to be the prequels, it was the same kind of meeting – it was very short and to the point. It was nice to see him after a long time, and we met in a hotel room.

That’s the mark of a great storyteller, never to give away secrets in advance.