Ian McLeod Quotes

I have got a reputation to protect.

I think I’ve always been much better at responding kind of reasonably appropriately to whatever is required.

If you really want to make a difference for the customer, so what you have got to do is to make sure the products that you’re bringing down in price are ones that they are buying every day.

I’m responsible for a hundred thousand people across Australia as well and I want to keep them gainfully employed. I want to give them opportunity to grow, I want to give them opportunity to develop.

In comedy, it’s very, very important to be able to open up so that people feel they’re included.

I’ve worked for more than 50 years on the stage and I have played great, great, great roles, but I haven’t played a great Shakespearean role because they’re all male. I’m actually very proud of it.

What takes courage: no make – up. No make – up at all. Like The Matrix. I did the matrix and they had a rule all the characters in The Matrix, except the leads, of course, wore absolutely nothing on their face.

Quite often I play roles that require quite a degree of emotional exposure, and they can be very difficult to do.

In some roles you do get into a mode of terror. It’s always very frightening – the first audiences are frightening.

I become quite inhibited particularly when I do comedy, I won’t – there’s a whole thing of allowing an audience in and if you – if you cover yourself with a mask of, kind of, severity, which I’m quite good at doing, that’s masking fear of course, then people feel shut out.

Having a situation where you have got in conflict with your suppliers all the time is not a great place to be.

You don’t like to have people believing that you’re doing the wrong thing which is why we’re trying to make sure that people recognise that we do the right thing.

When you’re working in the business and you are genuinely trying to do what’s right for consumers, and you’re trying to genuinely do what’s right for suppliers, but the word doesn’t get out, the word doesn’t get heard because frankly the media is not interested because it hasn’t got a conflict attached to it.

The country has to change. Productivity in Australia more generally has got to improve. Some of the highest manufacturing costs in the world are coming out of Australia.

There is a complete disconnect really or should be a disconnect between the retail price of the milk and what’s actually going on in the marketplace, and what influences the farm gate price is the export market.

I think it’s very important for Arts Ministers to purchase art, to attend art, to validate art.