J Mascis Quotes

I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve thought about getting Ernie, from Bert and Ernie, on my earlobe. He made a big impression on me as a kid. And I have pretty big earlobes.

Generally my songs are just some riffs slung together as an excuse for a guitar solo.

I prefer cynical people. Nice guys grow on trees.

All labels are offensive in some way.

It seemed so wimpy at first when I started to play [guitar]. So I started playing loud with lots of effects just to try to mimic the dynamic [of the drums]. Drums seemed a lot more expressive. [I was] Trying to emulate the feeling of playing the drums on the guitar – I guess that’s why I played it so loud.

I have limited interests. I really like all sorts of gear. Guitar gear. Recording gear. Stuff like that. I like music, you know.

It’s good to have certain restrictions sometimes, but it’s definitely more fun to play really loud, with distortion.

You might as well play at the show everyone else is playing at.

When I play a solo I’m just expressing that moment. It can go horribly wrong easily enough.

I enjoy having some boundaries to work within. That’s why I generally don’t like alternate tunings and stuff like that. I like the boundaries of regular tunings.

People have to do what they want to do.

I’d definitely be into doing some zombie slaying music. That’d be cool.

I’ve always worn earplugs, but I’m sure my hearing’s not great.

It’s harder to play drums than guitar, physically. I’m always kind of on the edge. I guess that’s how I play everything: on the edge of my ability.

I have a couple of gold teeth. I had braces for a year but I didn’t wear the retainer.

I’ve never liked rehearsing too much.