K Callan Quotes

Being able to do everything in the business doesn’t necessarily mean you should do everything.

Before you begin working your way into the system, it is imperative that you are ready to be judged. You are only new once. … You are only ready when you can orchestrate the next move after you have the industry’s attention.

To the truly driven (which one has to be to survive in the high stakes, competitive world of show business), lack of opportunity means nothing. The TDs always think numbers are for everyone else and don’t involve them.

Over the course of my career as both an actress and an author, I have met many wanna-bes. I distinguish the wannas from the gonnas because the WBs all think someone else is to blame for their problems. … By contrast, GBs say: ‘What? There’s no door here? I’ll build one.

For those with drive, wit, vision, ego and a masochistic outlook, there is always room.

Most people like to think they are discovering a new talent. If you ask, then it makes them feel as though they are being used. Allow them to discover you.

Big success requires big sacrifices. Don’t find out later that the cost was too high. Denial is said to be even more potent than cocaine; neither drug enhances your marketability.