Kaitlin Olson Quotes

It would be great to do another television show that was a multi-camera because the hours are so wonderful and you can be a good mom at the same time. The problem is, there aren’t a lot of multi-camera shows that I personally like. My aesthetic is more geared toward single-camera shows.

You know, I have the best parents in the world and I got really, really lucky because they think that everything I do is Oscar-worthy.

You can take anything, and if you explore it right, you can make it funny.

I’m not really the sex symbol type.

The funniest people I know were, not necessarily troubled, but had a harder time in school or were shy or picked on or something like that. I think that you rely on it. Well, I don’t think I’m cute and no one wants to hang out with me – I’d better start trying to make people laugh. I think there’s an element of that in there.

I think people think of Oregon as such a granola, hippie kind of a place.

I’d just like to be good at sports. I’m extremely competitive with absolutely nothing to back it up.

Breaking is when someone starts to laugh in the middle of a scene, which is so fun to watch.

Sometimes, I find that just the simplest, cleanest things that are intelligently performed are funniest to me.


With any show, when fans come up to you, they assume you’re just like your character.

Being mean just for being mean’s sake isn’t funny.

I trained at The Groundlings and was surrounded by some very funny women and also some very unfunny men. I didn’t feel a sense of things being different because I was a girl.