Kaitlyn Dever Quotes

I think that the main thing that you can learn from watching ‘The Spectacular Now’ is just learning about growing up and moving on.

Mostly I’ve just worked with actors and actresses that are fun and easy to talk to and had nothing but great experiences.

In The Greens Are Gone, I play a character that’s bipolar, so that was a big step and quite a challenge.

I’m not really a Method actor. I’m always afraid of working with someone who’s afraid to [break character] and won’t talk to anyone because they’re in character.

I feel like social media is a great thing. I try not to go on it too much.

I’m about to graduate senior year and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to lose the momentum with what I’m doing now as an actress.

I’ve learned a lot from doing the sitcom. I’ve learned so much about comedic timing. For all the movies I’ve done, I’ve played so many different roles. I love both, but I guess in my career maybe I want to stick more to film.

It got to a point where there were so many apps and stuff on my phone that I started getting overwhelmed because there were so many things to check. Just Instagram and Twitter are what I stick to these day.

I think social media is a great place to share ideas and to connect with other people.

Usually I don’t get specific advice from certain actors or actresses I work with.

I do write. I actually do want to start my music as well. My sister and I are starting a band. I’ve been playing a guitar for nine years, and she plays piano, and we sing together. We’re going to start up something soon. I mostly am writing songs right now actually, but I would love to write a script someday.