LaDainian Tomlinson Quotes

I believe in working hard all the time. I have faith that working hard is going to get me where I want to go.

I run with heart and determination, and that’s what you can’t measure-heart.

I take being a role model seriously.

I guess the way I describe it is when basketball players talk about being in the zone and they feel like they can’t miss. That’s the way a running back feels when the game is in slow-motion. It feels like every cut is right, every run is going to be at least 10 yards. You see what the defense is doing. You know what they’re trying to do to you. It’s awesome.

I get stronger as the game goes on.

I don’t worry about things I can’t control.

Some people say I’m the best back in the NFL. That’s what drives you: You want everyone saying there’s no doubt who’s the best.

I want to have a family and teach them the way to live their lives, pretty much the way I was raised, with a lot of love and the Lord. I want them to stay off the streets, and to have goals and dreams.

I’ve been dealing with being overlooked my whole life.

I keep my eyes wide open. Because trouble is out there.

Faith is a strong word in my life. That’s one thing my mother has always stressed to me.

Everything speeds up and it’s blurry for a minute. But you’ve got to have a little patience sometimes to just find a soft spot. There’s always a soft spot in the defense, and it’s your job to find it.

In the NFL, everyone’s attacking, so you have to be quicker in your decisions.

God has really blessed me with the ability to put me ahead of the class.

I like to think of myself as the running LT. I like to run up the middle and wear defenses down. It’s more exciting in between the tackles.

Whenever something good happens to me, I try-it may sound kind of bad-to think a little negative. I just always try to keep myself grounded.

I know how to rebuild a team. I know how to step in and work hard.

I would love to spend my whole career in Scan Diego because I accept the challenge of turning this team around.

I think the Patriots actually live by the saying, ‘If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.’

You don’t have the same type of focus when you are undefeated.


You’ve got to earn respect as life goes on.

I’m an old-school guy.

With my size and speed, my ability to make moves and great vision, I’m sometimes feel like it’s an unfair advantage over the defense.

I am just a player trying to do what Im told.

I’m inspired by my family, especially my mother.