Lady Saw Quotes

I came at a time where male artists where dominating, so I had to do something quick to get people’s attention. I wanted to let people know that women artists can hold their own compare to the men. Sex got their attention, while I open the road for the other female artists.

When I was a girl, I would make up songs for fun. Then I realized, after making them up, that I could remember how they went a week later – I remember that’s when I thought: Maybe I’m gonna be a singer.

I don’t hide anything about my life, I talk about everything. I talk about it – all kinds of things. I’ve done songs about bad experiences, a couple about growing up in the ghetto and being abused, sexually. Being raped. And I talk about it.

Well a lot of females complain about getting into the business, like men producers always wanna get (in bed) with them before, but it wasn’t like that for me, I was good from start so I had no problems when it came to recording.

I used to produce years ago when I feel like. I produced myself, Bounty Killer. That was the first set. Then I did a Bounty Killer, Lexxus, Spragga Benz, Sizzla, a whole lot of artist.

I’m inspired to write songs by all kinds of things. Good sex with a good man, that might inspire a song. Bad sex – that might inspire a different kind of song.

I would tell new artists to be themselves. Show your talents first, have your own identity, don’t try to be Lady Saw. If you’re coming out to be like me, once you get in, return back to yourself, that’s the only way you’ll be happy. Don’t come in trying to be me and then disrespect me.

I’m a foodie, I’m always eating, I’m eating right now …sometimes I get fat around the waist, but I don’t care.