Lady Sovereign Quotes

I’ve just been livin’ a normal life, going shopping, going out, gettin’ pissed. I keep sitting on my arse doing nothing.

Everyone grows, everyone has their moments and stuff.

I can secretly dance, I think. But no one has seen me so I don’t know if that’s a fair judgment for me to say.

I’ll have ideas in my head of what I want to say, but I need a beat to inspire me. So I would just say something as simple as, “Can you try something at 103 BPM with a reversed hi-hat and use an electric piano?” And then it just grows from that.

I’m really compulsive with music. I listen too much, and I can’t listen to one thing. I love iTunes Genius.

If I want to make a grime tune I’ll go ahead and do it, but I don’t really have the urge to right now.

I just wanted to make music, and grime wasn’t exactly the path that I took naturally. It was something that was put on me as a label.

I’ll be friends with anyone as long as they’re not an asshole. But with my fans, they all try and add me on Facebook. And I won’t have it, because that’s personal. When I’m doing shows, I’m not shy to hang out with my fans. I’ll finish and be out there within ten minutes talking to people. But when people start invading my space, it freaks me out a little bit.

I never really was a grime artist. I’m just an artist.

When I first started writing lyrics and stuff, I was writing it to garage, and obviously garage kind of progressed to grime.

I’ve never really been a part of anything but my own project.

I use the Internet a lot. I don’t necessarily constantly communicate with my fans or whatever, but it would be hard to distance myself. I just couldn’t do it. It’s like not having a phone.

It’s always gonna be different when I make a record just because I kind of touch on every sort of genre.

I just wanna perform, I wanna get back on the scene, I wanna do all the festivals and stuff like that. I don’t necessarily want to do all the bullshit that comes with it, like tons and tons of interviews, unnecessary things and all that.

Obviously I’ve got to work hard to have my own label, but it all benefits me in a different kind of way. I can say “No,” and nobody’s going to be pissed off or breathe down my neck. I can draw the line and take breaks when I want to. I try not to. And getting to develop other artists is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m always going to want to be part of music. But who’s to say? This whole thing for me in the first place just kind of happened without trying. I think about things like acting and all that, but I’m not going to force it on myself. I’m kind of shy, believe it or not.