Laetitia Pilkington Quotes

Is it not monstrous that our seducers should be our accusers?

Reputation … is as often gained without merit as lost without a crime.

The child who is permitted to torment, or destroy, the minutest object in creation, who will wantonly tread upon a worm, or unhumanly pass a pin through the body of a fly, will in all probabiilty, as he increases in years, feel no more compunction at tormenting a fellow-creature, than he did in witnessing the wreathing agonies of a fly.

by the general love of scandal and detraction in Dublin, one might reasonably imagine they were all to feed themselves through the holes which they had made in the characters of others.

when a swinging sin is to be committed, there is nothing like a gown and a cassock to cover it.

A third volume of Memoirs is really a bold undertaking … I cannot, like a certain female writer, say, I hope if I have done nothing to please, I have done nothing to offend; for truly I mean to give both pleasure and offense.

I was most incorrigibly devoted to versifying, and all my spouse’s wholesome admonitions had no manner of effect on me; in short, I believe this scribbling itch is an incurable disease.