Lajon Witherspoon Quotes

I’m that mild-mannered guy, but when we get on that stage, I think there is a magical force, and everyone sort of turns into a superhero. I get my gear on and I just go to battle. When you hit that stage, something comes on. It creates a different kind of energy.

We, as a band, love each other. We’re brothers. So we fight. Somebody will call somebody else a douchebag. At the end of the day, we look at how far we’ve come and realize it would be foolish for us to ever take this for granted. We have a family. And not just a family at home, the family that has grown up with us and supported us through the years. We can’t let them down.

We’re grown men; we were kids when we started. Going through life, there are things we’ve all gone through – life’s ups and downs. It’s not all roses, but those things that we’ve gone through have made us stronger as band.