L’Wren Scott Quotes

There’s lots of things you pull out lipstick for.

People often try to disguise televisions. I always think that makes it worse. It is what it is!

One should always try to do the best you possibly can. I’m not in a race to the finish line – I won’t put anything out until it’s completely ready. You want to keep it special and unique for the customer.

If you don’t feel good in it, don’t wear it. Because it’ll never look good. Any hesitation in the fitting room and just walk away

It was always sort of my dream to make handbags and I wanted a handbag that was very sharp, very structured, very tailored I wanted a bag you could put all of your things in it, you can open it, you could close it, you could hid all your tricks, but it’s not all lumpy.

I don’t want to be defined as someone’s girlfriend.

I don’t like to dictate the style to the customer, I believe people give something their own trend.

My theory is that balance is key – nothing in excess.

I had to learnto sew when I was growing up, because nothing else fitted me.

You’ll see the most perfect person, and you are like, ‘God, she’s, like, perfect.’ And then she’ll tell you everything that’s not perfect. Everyone has their own special set of problems – in their own minds.

I never eat where the hotel recommends. I do my own research and then try the most highly rated options.

I don’t really measure success by anything other than if I am happy. That is success to me. Am I happy waking up every morning? And despite the challenges of running my own business, do I look forward to going to work? Absolutely.

I just want to be known for what I do, not who I know.

Today’s market action is driven by the slower GDP growth rate. Despite oil being higher, I think the GDP kind of overruled everything and just makes the market feel better about what the Fed is going to do, or rather not do.

In the future, I’d like to make jewelry and sell it under my own name. But right now, I’ve got enough on my plate!

I think a girl always needs a cardigan, and I tend to go for the sparkles. I have a minimum of 50 embellished cardigans. I’m not a believer in less is more; I’m sort of a believer in more is necessary.

When you’re creating a fragrance, you’re always thinking about what you want that first smell to be, that first reaction.

I really wanted to do my own perfume because I mix my own oils, so it just made sense.

Guys understand a waistline. They understand a silhouette.

I didn’t particularly like being objectified.

I’m always working. I work wherever I am.

The sooner you start being fearless, the better.

I’ve always been very inspired by fashion. I’ve always been a big fan of style.

Enhancing a woman’s silhouette and enhancing a woman’s beauty – both contribute to enhancing her confidence, so they’re synonymous, really.

I always have to have my lipstick. Sometimes I have more than one shade: start with one color for the morning, one for night. Sometimes I have a couple shades just in case I need something more powerful for the day.