M. Carey Thomas Quotes

The man’s world must become a man’s and a woman’s world. Why are we afraid?

It is the next step forward on the path to the sunrise, and the sun is rising over a new heaven and a new earth.

My one aim and concentrated purpose shall be and is to show that women can learn, can reason, can compete with men in the grand fields of literature and science . . .

I wish the air were pure oxygen, and then as it says in our chemistry book, our life would sweep through its fevered burning course in a few hours and we would live in a perfect delirium of excitement and would die vibrating with passion, for anything would be better than this lazy sluggish life.

in intellect there is no sex.

. . . a woman can be a woman and a true one without having all her time engrossed by dress and society.

One man’s mind differs from another man’s mind far more widely than all women’s minds differ from all men.

Before I myself went to college I had never seen but one college woman. I had heard that such a woman was staying at the house of an acquaintance. I went to see her with fear. Even if she had appeared in hoofs and horns I was determined to go to college all the same. But it was a relief to find this Vassar graduate tall and handsome and dressed like other women.

Women while in college ought to have the broadest possible education. This college education should be the same as men’s, not only because there is but one best education, but because men’s and women’s effectiveness and happiness and the welfare of the generation to come after them will be vastly increased if their college education has given them the same intellectual training and the same scholarly and moral ideals.

One thing I am determined on is that by the time I die my brain shall weigh as much as a man’s if study and learning can make it so.