M. Shadows Quotes

Trying to impress people who hate you is just a big waste of time.

Censorship, telling people how to live their lives I completely disagree with.

I think you gotta have balls to be an Avenged fan sometimes. A lot of our fans get hated on just as much as us. To me Avenged fans aren’t just fans of a band, they are fans of everything that surrounds it, like a life style. We live it, you live it. You go to the shows and you can feel it. It’s a great experience and people that aren’t involved will never understand. So they can stand on the side lines and talk, but we will continue to do just what makes us happy.

Rock music will never die. We all know that.


Im too hung for womens underwear.

I saw The Rev the other night and he was on like four different things. He was like, Dude, Ive been gone for three days!

We stand for musical individuality. That’s all we stand for.

I just want to say we support the troops and we love every one of them. Even if they…I know a lot of my friends that are in the military that they don’t agree with…Some of them are total, total liberals or this or that, whatever they are and I just want to say that we love all the troops. We don’t care what they believe in, they’re defending our country and we love them for that. And they’re the biggest bad assses…in the world and we just want to thank you. We hope they enjoy the music and we’ll keep pumping it out and just keep staying bad asses!