Mac Miller Quotes

Your life’s short, don’t ever question the length / It’s cool to cry, don’t ever question your strength.

People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on.

They say you waste time asleep, but I’m just trying to dream.

Enjoy the best things in your life cuz you ain’t gonna get to live it twice.

No matter where life takes me. Find me with a smile.

You could have the world in the palm of your hand, but it don’t mean a thing ’til you change it.

No matter where life takes me, you’ll find me with a smile. Presumed to be happy, always laughing like a child. I never thought life could be this sweet! It’s got me cheesing from cheek to cheek!

If you didn’t make mistakes you wouldn’t get far.

Stand by those who stand by you.

I could take a photo, but I’d rather paint a picture.

I be goofy, kinda funny. Acting stupid but they love me.

It’s hard to dream when you’re deep inside of one.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick right from wrong. The best thing we can do is go with our heart and hope it all goes well.

People love you when they on your mind/A thought is love’s currency.

Someone told me sleep was the cousin of death and followin’ the dollar finds nothin’ but stress.

Girl I don’t wanna share you
We could be together, but you scared to
I ain’t gonna leave you
My people tell me I should
And when I blow I hope you know
That I could have any girl I choose
But as time goes by, baby all I’m gonna want is you

Blessed with some success, so I’mma try my best to live my life right. When I see God, he’ll be impressed.

I never thought life would be this sweet, It got me cheesing from cheek to cheek.

In the quest to be a man, you start to learn you need your family. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be way closer to insanity.

I’ma do my thing until the day the reaper come for me. You can keep on grillin’, I’ma smile back.

I ain’t no hipster, but girl I can make your hips stir.

They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up and go and think of better things.

If life a joke then I’m waiting for the punch. You all about the beef but me, I’m bout the bun.

When being unable to differentiate a good from a bad decision:it has become time to follow your heart.

I’m rockin’ PJ’s and no shirt. I smoke weed, eat yogurt