Mackenzie Crook Quotes

I still draw a lot though. Ballpoint pen is my preferred medium.

I’m passionate about history and there’s no more historic place than London. We’re sitting on a thousand years of history and you can smell it as you’re walking around the streets.

Even with the darkest and most distressing subjects in movies there’s always going to be humour not far away, just under the surface. And it does help otherwise we’d just get ourselves into a massive trough of depression if there wasn’t humour just around the corner.

I’ve wanted to be a professional actor for years and if you get any sort of success in that field then fame sort of comes along with it. But I don’t know if I’m sort of media fodder like other people are. I’m essentially a family man.

All the parts I get offered are character and comedy parts, and I probably wouldn’t get them if I had a different face. So I’m glad I have a comedy face.

I like the outdoors and the natural world. Environmental issues.

It’s not a very secure industry. I’ve spoken to a couple of people recently who had a successful TV show and then found themselves absolutely skint and struggling to find a job.

I don’t have much choice these days in how I have my hair.

I spend days with writers’ block. It is a problem.

I haven’t got a car or a house. I’ve got a wife, but I didn’t pay for her! I spend all my money on my glorious wife. She’s here with a knife at my throat!

Recently I’ve been collecting Star Wars figures again. When I was a kid I couldn’t afford them. Now I can so I’ve been buying them and keeping them in their box for a later date when they’ll be worth a lot of money.

I like the fact you can spend two hours setting up a scene that will only last a couple of seconds. And I like just sitting around and dozing between scenes!

I’d like to go back to standup. I don’t like to think I’ve done my last gig. At the moment it terrifies me, I get really nervous. It’s a great buzz when it goes well.

My son thinks I’m hilarious, but he’s only 1.