Madchen Amick Quotes

My dad always told me: ‘Stop and look back and appreciate what you’ve done; stop and smell the flowers.’

Sometimes people stay in the same cycle their entire life, but you can still mature within it.

I had the hardest time not crying, the entire time that I was filming.

You get along with certain people, but sometimes it feels like a job and you don’t feel that instant connection with people.

My first introduction to television, and really just the business in general, was working with David Lynch, with his incredibly open, creative mind that was not following any rules.

I just love the idea of witches, in general. The whole concept of witches was to keep down the feminine rise in power that was happening, at the time. They created this concept of witches, so that they could burn women at the stake and keep them in their place, and now we’ve turned it around to empower women. That’s very ironic. If they only knew that they created a weapon for us to use against them.

To be honest, I know there are shows that have a lot of women and they say, ‘Oh, we love each other!’ but I don’t know if I totally believe it.

I know Vikings isnt really based in magic, but it goes back to Old World spirituality and different religions, and a lot of voodoo.

I was a huge ‘Bewitched’ fan growing up.

I really loved Witches of Eastwick, the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson and Cher.

I do love that witches havent really been explored that much. Usually, witches are the little side character… a bad female character that comes in and leaves.

I think the amazing thing about ‘Twin Peaks’ was that it completely changed television from that point forward.

Everybody loves vampire stories, and if there’s one show in particular that’s done really well, it just opens the door and the opportunity for more of those kind of stories to get through.