Nainoa Thompson Quotes

When people come together around common vision, they can accomplish great things. We need the instruments that pull our people together, not apart.

That’s why we sail. So our children can grow up and be proud of whom they are. We are healing our souls by reconnecting to our ancestors. As we voyage we are creating new stories within the tradition of the old stories, we are literally creating a new culture out of the old.

We can’t care for something we don’t understand. This is the purpose of why we explore and why we voyage.

Nainoa Thompson

Life on our planet is defined by the health of our ocean.

Wealth is also defined by family, connection to our ancestry, and our best vision of the future. All of these find their inner spirit, their constancy, and their strength in the values that shape our thinking and our actions.

As I am from Hawaiʻi, the ocean is part of my culture and who I am. My ancestors were great ocean explorers.

We are a blue planet and an ocean world.

Nainoa Thompson

In order to take care of our ocean, we need to be knowledgeable.