Najibullah Quraishi Quotes

I was thinking about Afghanistan’s future, Afghanistan’s next generation, what we have next. These children who learn how to kill people, how to do jihad, how to behead, how to fire, this would be Afghanistan.

Geographically, Afghanistan is a good place for the terrorists, because it’s surrounded by mountains, and there are lots of villages inside mountains, so it’s easy for them to hide themselves, or to recruit the people. Whatever they want to do they will do.

Our [Afghanistan] main problem is education. Over 90 percent of our population is uneducated. So what can you expect? The terrorists come from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, saying the Quran says this, Quran says that, and the Afghans believe that because they speak Arabic, they think they know the language of Quran, and they know Islam better than us, let’s follow them. So they simply follow them.

When you go inside something, then you are not with you. You are in the hands of somebody else, and you don’t know what they will do with you.

Najibullah Quraishi

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