Nicole Kidman Quotes

Sometimes your mistakes are you biggest virtues. You learn so much from the mistake. Those things that you think are the worst thing that’s happening to you can somehow turn around and be the greatest opportunity.

The thing you hate about yourself tends to be the thing that everyone likes about you.

Forget the past. You can never predict what the future is going to be. Live for the moment.

Breathe and don’t try to be perfect.

Whatever you do in life, don’t give up on your own dreams.

Part of our job as human beings is to share our knowledge and share the things we’ve learned. So we can either save people from making the same mistakes, or give them hope.

Have no regrets. Every relationship leads you to where you’re meant to be. Learn to be comfortable with being alone. Learn to be comfortable with saying no to people; we put everybody else before ourselves. Read great literature; don’t get all your information from TV. Define your moral code – nobody else is going to give you that. Find it yourself. Keep asking questions, keep challenging. You don’t have to conform. Rebellion creates character. And, as my mother always said to me, “Don’t let anyone break your spirit!”

If you enter the dark side of life, and come through it, you emerge with more strength and passion.

If you take care of the woman in the family, the whole family prospers. But when the mother falters, the family falls apart.

I was taught a very strong work ethic that included punctuality, which I’ve always felt is a sign of respect for others.

I believe the experiences of life are more important than any film you make.

The things that go on in my head are far more interesting than what actually happens.

Even as a child I had a strong relationship with yearning and desire. And loss. Those things spoke to me.

You can’t find peace by hiding from life


I’ll put it out there: I love getting hugs.

I’m willing to fly close to the flame.

Ultimately, you’re left with the people you love and who love you- everything else fades into oblivion.

I don’t like changing with the wind; I like sticking to my own self.

You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.

I’m not sure what the future holds but I do know that I’m going to be positive.

It’s very easy for a couple to experience joy together. But when you experience pain together, it can lead to such depth and such union. That is when you fuse.

I’m a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I’m a real person operating in the world. For me to discuss the most private thing feels wrong. It feels like I’m betraying myself and my children.

I think that the most difficult thing is allowing yourself to be loved, so receiving the love and feeling like you deserve it is a pretty big struggle. I suppose that’s what I’ve learnt recently, to allow myself to be loved.

I have a passion for my work, and that can seep into you. It’s almost as if you’re drawn to it.

You’re either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you’re going to be a voyeur. And I’m not a voyeur.