Oh Land Quotes

Usually a song being hard to write is a sign that the song isn’t good enough. It should be like a good kiss. Effortless and smooth.

A successful collaboration is all about trust and respect. If you show people trust they will perform better.

Sometimes something becomes a lot better. It’s like a puzzle . You can’t force a round brick into a square. It’s a delicate thing. You need to let the song decide.

Sometimes artists are control freaks and it’s certainly important to have a vision, but within that vision you need to allow freedom and personality- or you light as well hire robots.

I’m horrible at concepts. My life is random and my inspiration is random. But it’s all written in a very specific time frame that says a lot about my life at the time.

Saying “now it’s done” . It’s horrible. Sometimes I force myself to do it or I know I will turn crazy.

I definitely write about my life and the issues I might have or the dilemmas I’m going through, but usually I write about it in a general way and make metaphors. Like “I’m the wolf and you are the moon “.

I have learned that collaboration are everything to me. Music is a social thing. If there are no ears to hear it, it has no value. I have really loved getting input from other great musicians- like recording strings with my family or making weird synth sounds with tore nissen.