Okkyung Lee Quotes

I guess I’m interested in pushing the boundaries of the cello without giving up on the idea of playing the cello, if that makes any sense. I have no real interest in putting the cello through different effects to make it sound like a guitar or other instruments.

I started to play noise on my cello because I felt a deep personal connection to it. I mean, I still love all the beautiful sounds of the cello as much as anybody but it’s only when I play certain sounds I know that the cello really presents who I am; not my emotions but who I am as a person.

I also just get so ecstatic hearing and feeling the noise in general and it still makes me giggle inside playing certain sounds. One of the downsides is that in order to produce certain sounds, I’m totally using my arms the wrong way and sometimes that worries me. But then that physical strain puts me in a different state of mind to bring out different dimensions in the music, I suppose.

Okkyung Lee

Well, I’d say that I’m mostly drawn to people who are genuine and willing to take a step to the unknown. So when I play with these people, usually there’s this sense of that ‘yes, we are doing it together right at this moment without any agenda’ feeling which is so exciting! It means that there is this sense of trust, that whatever I throw in the music that’s happening, they will make it work and send something to work with in my direction. Hopefully they feel the same about me.