Oleg Cassini Quotes

Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind … a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.

Fashion anticipates … elegance is a state of mind.

To be well dressed is a little like being in love

In our society, everyone wants to be a celebrity overnight.

The best of life is to embark on an adventure with a woman interested in having an adventure with you.

Grace Kelly was a glacially cool, like a wonderful sherbet in the middle of the desert. Cooling, icy, clean. She was a genetic miracle, a superior woman.

I spent half my life being hurt. The leftovers of hurt are an automatic gesture, like a dog that salivates.

You might say that I’m the Michelangelo of the dress business.

Today’s designers don’t care if fashion has no relationship to human anatomy.

Every poor designer can go with things that are popular at the moment.

Good shoulders and a long waist are the most necessary when it comes to wearing clothes.

A woman who laughs is a woman conquered.

Looks, health and elegance are what counts. Someone can look wonderful in a sweatsuit.

I have programmed myself to be at least 105 years old.

My goal in life was to pursue the good life.

Clothes are designed for the media, because it’s a great show.

I am neither the handsomest nor the richest nor the most powerful, but I’ve had the greatest women in the world.

I drive my own horses in a race. And I always have.

The first lady must be a leader. She must not be a follower.

I’ve been around tennis, and I have a feeling for the sport. I still play tennis, and I can still do a lot of harm to a lot of people.