Olesya Rulin Quotes

Ive fostered five dogs for the Best Friends Program, which is an amazing no-kill sanctuary for animals, as well as a greyhound named Natasha from the greyhound rescue. All of my fosters have taught me great lessons like patience, nurture, and responsibility. My last foster dog was a Cocker Spaniel, and I couldnt let him go. I adopted him!

I was really blessed with parents who never said I couldnt do anything. And now I reflect as an adult on that, Wow, they never told me no!

I grew up in a village of 12 houses. We had a well and a cow.

Ive been to London twice. I saw the Broadway show Billy Elliot there – phenomenal. I was crying through the entire thing.

I attempt to surf. Im not as good as anyone else in the water. Im more like a beached whale. I just hang out on my board. I can ride, but I get too nervous unless I go with my boyfriend or my trainer. There are too many burly men out there!

Im a little untidy, and my favorite color is gray, and Im always scurrying around in a panic.

I was in a commercial for the Disney channel. I was the camp leader for the campers.

I love Disney. I know that some Disney stars want to break out of the Disney mold, but no, if they let me, I would work with Disney until I die.