Oral Roberts Quotes

The important thing is not the size of your faith – it is the One behind your faith – God Himself.

Remember, only what you give can God multiply back. If you give nothing, and even if God were to multiply it, it would still be nothing!

Something GOOD is going to happen to you today.

Faith is not something you have to get. It’s something that you, as a bornagain child of God, already have. Act on it by releasing it to God. That’s when your healing starts!

Your faith begins to move, to act, when the power of God supernaturally empties you of doubt and fills you with a knowing. You come into a state of knowing that you know that you know. In that instant you cannot doubt.

God wants you well. God wants you prosperous. God wants you a whole person.

God is a good God, and the Devil is a bad Devil.

ORU is a daring new concept in higher education. It was planned to be from the beginning, one that would be able and willing to innovate change in all three basic aspects of your being – the intellectual, the physical and the spiritual.

Men who are driven are happy in their work and their vision but are not happy-go-lucky. Evelyn has a happiness and contentment most of the time — she’s my balance.

Well, I can’t figure out God.