Pablo Francisco Quotes

Chicken pot pie–those are my three favorite things.

Don LaFontaine passed away. He passed away from a blood clot in the lung. It was unexpected. It just happened. I was just blown away by it. He was like, “Pablo, I’ve got something in my lungs, I don’t know what it is.” And I said, “What is it?” And he says, “I don’t know, it just keeps hurting.” And then he left me a message saying, “I’ll come see you when I get out of here.” And it never happened.

In the nineties, it was all women being blonde and from Sweden. But now it’s changed: it’s all men looking like Ellen DeGeneres.

I’m a sports fan sometimes when I’m drunk. All my friends gamble on sports so whenever we watch a game, everyone’s pissed off at the end! Sometimes the commentators speak so quickly, I think you’ve got to be on drugs to listen to them.

I’m a YouTube star, let’s put it that way!That sounds like a karaoke star with balls.

I heard the rumours,but the only blond people here [in Sweden] are the guys. And they all look like Ellen DeGeneres. It’s Ellen DeGeneres world, and it’s all guys! It’s now switched.

I love how the soccer guys just fall when they get kicked and go baby crying.They try to explain to the referee like he’s their mother: “Wah! Did you see what he did?” Then they get back to playing soccer again.

I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger ’cause I figured he can go back in the future. Put that in the act.

Everyone goes “every comedian does Arnold Schwarzenegger”. Yes, they do; but do they do Arnold Schwarzenegger in Brokeback Mountain?

I’m an amused observer. I don’t bet or gamble; that’s the worst thing.



I like football. I like baseball. When the pitcher and the batter start fighting, that’s the best.

In Sweeden every city looks the same. I’ve been to sixteen cities, and every single city is the same! The same cobblestone, the same McDonalds, the same everything. Everything was designed by the same guy. They must have saved a lot of money when they designed all the cities.

I’m not into those shows like “hey everybody, gather round the TV, let’s watch The Simpsons!” I’m not one of those guys: “I gotta get home, man, Family Guy’s on! I gotta race to my TV before I miss the episode of Family Guy!” I’m not one of those guys.

Sometimes I become the comedy jukebox. I read the emails, people give me requests.The shows are just amazing; they’re packed with people and they’re so much fun to do.

Nowadays there are so many stars on television.There are all these generic stars now.There’s Dave Caruso…Dave Caruso’s kind of fun: “I know he killed your family…but he won’t do it again.” He says the stupidest sh*t. “I know he shot your children, but he won’t do it any more.” There isn’t really a recognisable personality out there.

Don LaFontaine was very intelligent. He used to say to me, “Always save your money, son”. And I said, “Can I start doing voiceovers?” And he said, “You can, Pablo. You can. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that later.”