Pablo Larrain Quotes

I grew up watching movies that just transformed my vision, not just in cinema, in life, and you discover that this – it’s an endless tool.

We are kids. The only difference is the toy we have.

Sometimes I go to the cinema and I see a movie where the directors or the filmmakers are telling me what to think, what to feel. They are giving me all the answers, and I’m like, “What am I doing here?” I try to have an active audience that are thinking and feeling for themselves.

Cinema is always a political art, at the end.

The essence of the cinema that I’m interested in is a combination of love, rage, and curiosity. Sometimes it’s hard to see those intentions, or maybe it’s hard to portray them on film in a way that doesn’t sound too preachy or irrelevant. So instead of saying it out loud, you say it multiple times in the movie by hiding it. You get a sensation after you see the whole film throughout yourself.

I think every film is somehow a political film. You show a perspective and a world that has logic, and that logic is inserted into a political environment, and it means something. Yes, why not?

I’m not an American as you know, and to deliver “Jackie” today in the United States and understanding the role of women in society is changing and I hope it just gets better and better – and also in cinema. There’s very few interesting roles today for women in cinema. It’s getting better and stronger and, and I’m proud to be part of that.

There are some filmmakers like the Coen brothers that are very precise. They make shooting boards, they do it shot by shot, and they follow every single line in their own script. They make amazing movies, and I admire them so much, but I can’t do that. I have no idea how the movie will exactly be. While shooting, I just try to create an accident that I don’t control very well – grabbing things from different sources and ideas, and then having a sensation somewhere that it will make sense.