Paddy Johnson Quotes

I’ve been covering the art industry for nine years, and I still don’t feel like I have a clear grasp on what an art consultant does. What’s the difference between a dealer and an art consultant? Who are they? What’s their day to day like? So I asked a few private dealers, consultants and curators to talk about what they do. Everyone told me a different story.

The issue is Kinkade’s ideology, and particularly his nostalgia; his paintings endlessly trumpet a nonexistent past when times were simpler and morality more pure. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it stands at odds with a contemporary art world that looks to the future for inspiration. We value complexity and innovation, and distrust saccharine pictures of the past.

Two main groups like to drop the readymade bomb—galleries and art historians. Galleries love to drop the Duchamp brand because dealers can try to convince clients of an artist’s worth just by mentioning the mouthwatering response readymade. Most Art Historians aren’t interested in what artists are making in Bushwick studios, most of whom rarely wake up with Duchamp on the brain.