Padraig Harrington Quotes

I don’t support the belly putter. I think it’s bad for the game of golf.

Sleep, my little one, sleep.

Believe it or not, when I get in contention I can still hit the shots.

Hopefully, I want to play a little better than I did today.

I knew what I was doing, always! I just couldn’t stop.

It seems a little bit like the home of the U.S. Open in the States. For all the venues of the U.S. Open this is more synonymous for the U.S. Open than any other one.

I hadn’t won in Europe for two years, although I won twice in America last year, but it’s great to come back and win. You never want to go a year without a win. It’s very special to win and I’m really happy the way I did it.

I’m sure there’s a hell of a party in Ireland now and I know I don’t have anything to do for two-and-a-half days so I’m going to party on