Palmer Luckey Quotes

Once you have perfect virtual reality, what else are you supposed to perfect?

Today, the best way to communicate with someone is still face-to-face. Virtual reality has the potential to change that, to make it where VR communication is as good or better than face-to-face communications, because not only do you get all the same human cues as real-world communication, you basically suspend the laws of physics, you can do whatever you want, you can be wherever you want.

Things like email, and Twitter, and Facebook, and text messaging – they all work reasonably well. But we use them because they’re convenient, and cheap, and easy, not because they’re the best way to communicate with somebody.

I don’t think that VR is going to lead to humanity being enslaved in the matrix or letting the world crumble around us. I think it’s going to end up being a great technology that brings closer people together, that allows for better communication, that reduces a lot of environmental waste that we’re currently doing in the real world. It’s probably not going to be nearly as interesting as depicted in science fiction as far as the bad things go.

If you have perfect virtual reality eventually, where you’re be able to simulate everything that a human can experience or imagine experiencing, it’s hard to imagine where you go from there.

The games industry is the only industry with the tools and the talent to create real-time immersive 3D environments.

If you’re having a very high-adrenaline, high-movement experience in virtual reality and then all of a sudden you’re back in your office, that disconnect is pretty notable.

It’s taken years for people to figure out how to make good content with a gamepad, even though they’ve been using gamepads for decades to make traditional games.

A good story needs conflict, and virtual reality is a great hypothetical way to create conflict. … In some ways, the future is going to be more boring than we think.