Quvenzhane Wallis Quotes

It’s not good to assume what your kid wants. It’s not good to push them in their own way. It’s not good to make them do something you wanted to do but didn’t have the chance to. You should listen to what your kids are saying, and let them live, and let them be themselves.

Nothing else matters, except that I have fun, and I’m still having fun.

Everybody loses the thing that made them.

Brave men don’t learn from their home.

[Answering the question ‘If you had caused the end of the world, what would you do?’] I would try to fix it. I would go to bed on time and brush my teeth.

Um, I don’t know, really [about my future.]

I actually had to learn what an Oscar was.

I can’t wait to ride my electric scooter, walk my dog, watch TV, be bored … and I’m gonna put [my Oscar] in my hand and kiss it every night before I go to sleep.

As soon as I get home, all I want to eat is seafood.

I get to meet different directors and different people.