Rachael Leigh Cook Quotes

I think I’m a million different faces

Sometimes I say things that I can’t believe came out of my mouth. Or I won’t mean something and it will come out completely nonsensical.

I want to try everything.

They’re not dogs [poodles], they’re art.

You have this preconceived notion of him [Sly Stallone] as a big, tough guy, but he speaks four languages and he likes to watercolor.

Yeah, I definitely want to find that right person and fall in love and have kids someday.

I’m not small, I’m space-efficient.

The psych up comes from knowing what I can both give and get from each role. I get a lot personally from each character I play that I am able to carry over into my everyday life.

If this whole acting thing doesn’t work out, I’ll just get a talk show.

You know, we have to take these characters – who, granted, have their separate personalities but, on a lot of levels, are pretty two-dimensional – and make them into people with flaws, with insecurities.

You can grow apart from people very quickly.

When I came into the business, things changed a lot, and my life was in a real state of flux.

I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole hooker thing.

I have two cats at home in Minnesota with my family. Beau and Skippy

I was very involved with school by the time I was 15 and wasn’t working much as a model

I have no interest whatsoever in being a high-fashion model, nor is it possible

When something is troubling me, people know about it

But acting just sort of happened and I found that I loved it. It was such a challenge

You wouldn’t recognize me from one project to the next.

But my mother and father were married when my mom was 20 and my dad was 24

I hate it [driving] more than anything in the whole world. I’m just an awful, awful driver. I get lost, I hit things (parked cars, one moving car, a pole in my parking garage). Just when I think I got everything under control, I’ll miss seeing something out of the corner of my mirror.

I went on a children’s roller coaster once when I was maybe 12-or some age when I was considered a little old to be on a kiddy ride. Absolutely terrified. Thought I was going to die.

People always give me styling products and stuff

I didn’t want to start acting like a cartoon